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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  November 23, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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overseas while you were sleeping. north korea and south korea exchange fire, killing one person. what the white house is sing about these rising tensions. guilty verdict. jurors convict ingmar guandique for killing d.c. intern chandra heavy y. the jury explains their decision even without any physical evidence. good morning. thanks for joining us for news 4 today. i'm eun yang. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. it is tuesday, the 23rd day of november, 2010. live look outside. a hint of daylight on the way this morning. 53 balmy degree on this day, a couple days before thanksgiving. going to feel more like thanksgiving as we get closer. rather mild today. a big change coming tonight. by this time tomorrow morning, 20 degrees colder. we'll be down into the 30s. right now it's generally in the s throughout much of the region. prince george's county near 50. arlington, fairfax and southern montgomery. northern montgomery in the 40s. also 40s in fred rake county, maryland, loon county,
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virginia, prince william. 40s in many locaons, as well as west virginia. moving color is rain. that's out of southern ohio and into kentucky. advancing east, moving into the mountainthe next couple hours. metro area, here by midafternoon. before that we should soar into the 60s. once the rain startse'll drop into the 50s. a wet afternoon commute. and big change in here by tomorrow morning. details on that. we'll look at wednesday, thanksgiving day, and friday at 6:11. jerry, how is traffic now? we're picking up a lot of volume. a little hard to tell from this angle. it's the inner loop of the beltwajust above i-95 springfield near robinson freight terminals. broken down truck in the roadway. it's going to be right up there. as a result traffic leaving i-95, trying to get through, up towards 66 coming to a grinding halt. vdot is aware of it. they're sending help rightnow. let's head oveand see how we're doing elsewhere. 270 looks good all in all.
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one accident southbound route 80. quickly moved to th shoulder so the lanes are open. a little bit of volume through germantown. update you on on the new hampshire avenue cident. southbound inside the beltway at south hampton drive. police pulling it out of the roadway right now. joe? >> jerry, thanks very much. we begin wit a developing story out of south korea. artillery strike by north korea on the highly populad island has killed one south korean marine and injured several others. you can see the shel striking in this video. now north korea is threatening there may be more strikes coming. news 4's kimberly suite is live in our newsroom with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the white house issuing a statement strongly condemning the bombardment, calling on north korea to, quote, halt its belligerent action. and threatening more retaliory strikes. those are their words.
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if the south violates their sea border. this follows an atck of a south korean island near the western border with the north. reports are north korea fired dozens of artillery shells, sending 60 to 70 houses on fire. several are wounded. one marine has died, as you reported, joe. you n see video evidence of explosions. the pictures show four defined plumes of smoke. south korean military sai it exchangefire in return. now, this comes on the heels of north korea's claim this week that it has built a new uranium enrichment facility. obama administration dismissed that claim as a publicity stunt. the north may be trying to turn the region into a conflict zone simply to get international
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attention and by showing a particular nuclearapacity and flexing military muscle. north korea, again, trying to have a seat at the negotiation table. we'll follow these developments and bring them to you. >> well, there's finally conclusion to the chandra levy case this morning. the man convicted of killing her could face 30 years to life behind bars. after three and a half days of deliberation, jurors found ingmar guandique was found guilty of two counts of first gree murder. he is serving time in prison for two similar attacks on women in rock creek park. that'shere levy was und a year after she disappeared. this case was difficult for police because there was no eyewitnesss, no dna, and very little evidence. >> it's not like it is on tv. and cases can be very complicated. and over time detectives working hard with a good prosecutor can discover things that were not discoverable in the beginning. >> we did the best we could with the evidence we were given to come to the conclusion of this
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case. >> levy's disappearance mad headlines when she was romantically linked with then californiaongressman gary condit. condit was once a suspect until police eventually focused on gahanna dee day. guandique will be sentenced in february. san levy thanked everyone involved in the trial, including she said no matter what she will never be free of the pain caused by losing her daughter pack in 2001. >> e result may be guty but i have a lifetime verdict of a lost limb missing from our family tree. it's painful. i liveith it every y. susan levy thanked everyone involved in the trial, including the defse attorneys. 19-year-old alante saunders pled guilty to killing betts.
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betts was found dead i his silver spring home on april 15th. sundayers and betts had made plans to meet line and betts agreed toeave the door of his home open. police say saunders intended to rob the shaw middle school principal. the plea deal calls for a all but 40 years suspended. threether teenagers have been charged in the slaying. lancaster has also pleaded guilty. 350 dead, hundreds others injured during a spa feed in a festival in cambodia. the crowd was celebrating the end of the rainy season. it is believed some spectators fainted causing massive panic. someone victims were trampled, while others tried to jump in the nearby river and drowned. the prime minister declared thursday to be a national day of mourning. our time right now is 6:06.
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sarah palin's new book hits shelves today. d we already have some excets. >> our jim vance sits down with nully elected prince george's director baker. what he plans to do out the corruption scandal thatas rocked the county. and we have 53 degrees here in the nation's capital. kind of balmy right now. weather and traffic on the ones comi
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still to come, the federal governme is taking a closer look at some honda cars.
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it's official. the capitals are struggling. the new jersey devils burned the caps 5-0 to extend washington's losing streak to three in a row. only holty was a leaky faucet, giving up five goals in just can 23 shots. the road trip continues for the caps. get it together, guys. last night i think was the third anniversary of bruce's career as coach with the caps and a bad way to celebrate. >> he's annan incredible job turning that around. you can see a tiny bit of orange on t horizon. or is that my eyes >> it is. sunrise still 50 minutes away.
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clear skies. chilly. near 50 degrees in the nearby suburbs low 50s in washington. mid-50s near the bay. bright moon in the western sky is nea 50. shenandoah to e atlantic beaches. we do have a front that is triggering rain from western pennsylvania to ohio and kentucky. it's rapidly advancing east into west virginia shortly. and into western maryland the next couple hours. the front coming through with rain by midafternoon. before then, into the 60s. much colder by tonight, tomorrow morning. down into the 30s by dawn wednesday. sunny tomorrow, clouding up late in the day. highs near 50. could get showers after sunset. a look at saturday, sunday, monday in ten minutes. look downtown. southeast-southwest freeway, aka 395. looking pretty good. no issues. clear, dry road surfaces.
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inbound along interstate 66, loading up rapidly now as you begin the commute east out of hay market to manassas, fair ox towards the beltway. too early for sunshine delays. american legion bridge, looking all right. out to the rails we go, metro and vre, no delays. marc brunswick 870, 872, penn 405 all behind schedule at the moment. joe and eun. >> thank you, jerry. >> 6:12. big budget cuts are coming. a local woman who gained national attention for confronting president obama loses her job. find out what sarah palin has to say in her new
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still to come, newly ected prince george's county baker
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ts down with jim
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breaking news out of south korea. we're continue to go follow this story. two marines, two south korean marineare dead. 16 are injured following a series of artillery strikes from north korea on south koreain retalation by south kor on north korea. the first strikes came from the north on the highly populated island of yeongpeong. the white house has condemned this attack on the north by the south. the north has attacked the south with artillery shells. 16 injured. two associaten marines are dead.
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the white house has condemned these attacks. more throughout the news cast. today vice president joe biden will visit an indiana transmission plant in kokomo as part of the white house main street tour. it was saved by the federal bailout. it received more than 400 million in stimulus money. the city also received 600,000 in stimulus funds to renovate downtown sidewalks. chrysler received an emergency $10 billion bailout has not repaid it. one local woman who once told president obama she was exhausted from defending him so much has now lost her job. i'm exhausted of defending you, dending your administration, the change that i voted for and deeply disappointed where we are right now. i've been told that i voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middleclass. i'm one of those people, and i'm
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waiting, sir. >> velma heart w chief financial officer for amvets, the veteran servicebased in maryland. the uppemarlboro woman was laid off as an effort to cut expenses. she now plans to focus on the positive and look for new opportunities. in just a few weeks baker will ke over as prince george's county executive. he's taking over just as the county is getting hit wi a corruption scandal involving jack johnson. so what is on his mind? we sat down with jim vance in upper marlboro where he chose not to ell on the new allegations but rather what he intends to do about them. >> but i don't want to get sidetracked on what the important issues are. we have to make sure people and businesses can do business in prince george's county that starts with leadership at the top. you set t tone for everybody else. the other is to make sure we provide a first-class education system, like i said.
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but thsecond thing, and this goes with the whole perception piece, i creating job opportunities in prince george's county. i think we have the greatt potential of anyplace in the region. businesses don't think they will get a fair shake, they're not going to come here. so i a tried to reassure businesses we want you to come here and do a quality job. that's all kwe ask of you. >> let mesk you something, with no filters, do you ever second-guess the notion of keeping your kids in public schools when you could p them in private if you wanted? >> honestly, yes. the quality of instruction throughout prince george's county is the challenging part. so you have schools that struggle. and for us we fought long and hard. i have to say my wife was the one who said, you know what, yes, we have options, we could take our child out and put her in private school. but whatbout the other folks
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with classmates like her who have fallen behind. given your position as you advocate on behalf of your child, then other children will benefit from that. >> mr. baker, you are nown charge of one of the largest, most important counties in ts state, if not in the country. when you get up on any given morning, what's most important to you? how do you start off your day? >> baker's inauguration and ball will be december 6th. check out the details by going to baker tells vance he will still just be daddy. well, d.c. is dealing with a half billion dollar budget deficit. because of that, gray warns major budget cuts are coming. in his first speech since winning the mayor y race he
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said $2 million have to be cut by next month. and the rest of the deficit caused by overspending and lower revenue needs to be entirely wiped out by the spring. outgoing mayor febty is expected to propose the first round of cuts this week. >> new catholic cardinal donald whirl will leave rome and return to washington today. he was elevated to cardinal at a special mass this past weekend. whirl was one of 24 new cardinals but only one of two from the united states. on thursday, he will celebrate thanksgiving mass at noon in the basilica of the national sideline of immaculate conception. >> pope benedict is also out with a new book. the pope the church, the son and the times has sparked international interest because of the pope's comments about conds. in the book, male prostitutes using condoms could present a first step in assuming moral responsibility when it comes to stopping the spread of aids.
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today former republic vice presidential candidate sarah palin is out with her new book. >> some say it is a handbook for the 2012 campaign. nbc news received an advance copy. the book highlights some of her heroes, including robbed reagan and mitt romney. she said as hard as she worked to beat mr. obama in 2008 she said i shared almost desperate hope that most americans felt. like you, like them, i love my country and wanted to succeed. but a new morning has come out over the capital dome. questis the president's patriotism concluding he has a stark lack of faith in the american people. starting off thanksgiving holiday under a clear sky. there is the view from our city camera. right now it is near 50 in washington and the nearby suburbs. farther north and west we dipped
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into the 40s in a few locations. most spots in the 50s, except western maryland in the 40s as west virginia. ed rain just about to come into garrett county in western maryland advancing along a front and arriving in the metro area by early to midafternoon. before that we should soar into the 60s. rain will be existing quicy after sunset. we'll clearut tonight and get cold. afternoon highs in the 50s with nshine. clouding up tomorrow evening, intothanksgiving day. thanksgiving day, cloudy during the day. after sunset, showers are likely that may linger friday. we dry out and get chilly again for the weekend. how is the traffic now? >> chopper 4 over the remnants of the accident which just moments ago moved out of the roadway. everything is now gone. we're looking at heavy traffic. but lanes from the beltway headed on in on new hampshire avenue open once again. let's head over and see how we're doing elsewhere. not so fun on the beltway in viinia.
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issues of broken down truck inner loop just above springfield before braddock road. interstate comes to a grinding halt leaving the i-95 interchange. it is really staed up. outer loop, meantime, looks okay. we'll update the rail. metro and vre with no delays. marc, 870, 872 and penn 405 are all delay. 52 degrees. they were responsible for transporting nuclear weapons and other sensitive materials. wait until you hear what they were e caught doing on the job. the federal government taking a closer look at honda cars. the government announces it is making tweaks to its airport security procedures. what you now need know if you are flying this week.
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the dangerous problems some honda driver are complaining
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are some honda hybrids at risk for suddenly accelerating. federal auto safety regators are considering launching into an investigation to determine just that. the 2005 acco hybrid is at issue right now. a woman says her honda last brake power, accelerated on its own and caused a crash that killed a passenger and left her disabled she said she found 22 similar
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complaints involving accord and civic hybrids. this mornin the energy department watch dog said government agents hired to drive trucks to drive nuclear weapons sometimes got drunk on the job. two agents were actually detained by police at a bar during a convoy mission. inspector general said it reviewed 16 alcohol-related incidents over three years. it is a potential vulnerability in a critical national security mission. it is now 6:27, 53 degrees. are you heading out of town for thanksgiving? security changes the tsa is now making following your complaints. and a developing story overseas. north korea and south korea fire
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turbulence following a huge public outcry. the tsa is now tweaking security features. whatou need to know if you're flying this week. good morning. welcome back to news 4. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. welcome on this thursday, november 23rd, 2010. a live look at 6:30. 53 degrees. still 20 minutes away, but look at that beautiful sky as the sun gets ready to rise in the nation capital. >> looking kind of buttery out there. >> and the western sky, we have the moon that is now beginning to set in the western sky. live view. high-def view of the moon in the western sky. we had moon shadows overnight. now they're fading as the sunlight is growing on the eastern horizon. near 50 in washington and the nearby suburbs. a bit milder around the bay and lower eastern shore. out of the mountains, clouds are increasing. in the 40s there. front sweeping through. spreading rain. you see the moving color in west virginia. coming into western maryld, arriving into the metro area.
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just a 50% chance of a passing shower this afternoon. otherwise, clouds rolling through. before that, we'll h the 60s. any rain that does fall, we'll chill it back down into the 50s. big changes this time tomorrow morning. a look that, wednesday, thanksgiving day and friday at 6:41. jerry, how is traffic? tom, unfortunately a problem on the beltway in prince geor's county. live pictures. we are told this is an accident. outer loop of the beltway approaching route 4. you can see it looks like the left side of the roadway, two left lanes are blocked. this is the outer loop. left half of the roadway is blocked. couple of right lanes getting by. lice fire and rescue have not yet arrived. once they do we could see additional lanes close. outer loop past route 4. we'll keep you on top of that inner loop, your lanes are open. 95 northbound had an accident. quickly moved to the shoulder. to all the travel lanes are open but loading up quickly there. one more stop, the broken down,
6:32 am
second lane from the right, inner loop just above the springfieldinterchange. metro and vr ing all right. marc brunswick 892, 872 and penn 405 are all delayed. eun. >> thank you, jerry. we are following breaking news right now out of south korea this morning. two south korean marines have now died a 16 are wounded aftean artillery strike on a small south korean island. you can see the shells bombarding the island in this video. the attack from north korea happened near the western border of the two countries. now north korea threatened to continue strikes if south korea violates the border. just after the initial attack, they scrambled fighter jets and returned fire.
6:33 am
>> the tsa released a new audio psa encouraging passengers to cooperate with new security measures. it comes to the heels of a new washingt post poll saying two-thirds of americans support the use full body scaers. the controversy continues over enhanced pat-down procedures. half of americans believe the hands-on searches go too far. tracee wilkins joins us live from reagan national airport with more on how the government is hdling the passenger frustration. tracee, do we know what percentage of passengers actually have to go through those full body scanners -- >> reporter: yes. less than 3%, joe. less than #% who actually fly actually go through the patdowns. the full body scanners, that's everyone who goes through unless they opt out. if they opt out they get the intimate pat-down that folks have been very upsetabout. but it looks like they were doing random patdowns as well. so now we're looking at the possibility of a slight change in how all of that will work
6:34 am
from the government. after all the outrage surrounding the very intimate patdowns, senior government officials say they are reducing the number of passengers who are randomly selected for a patdowns. this comes as the internet-led call is planned for tomorrow. that boycott is expected to cause choking points as people are patted down instead of going through the full body scanners. that can take longer. tsa and homelandecurity officials are reminding the public after the shoe bomber and underwear bomber they believe the threat for terrorists targeting commercial flights is still very real. and also remind folks that only 1 in 100 people actually t pat-down. >> it's only a small percentage of passengers who get patted down. nonetheless, i think we all understand the concerns americans have. that is something new. most americans are not used to a real law enforcement pat-down like that. so as we move forward, of course
6:35 am
we will listen to concerns. of course we will make adjustments or changes when called upon. but not changes or adjustments that will affect basic operational capability that we need to have to make sure that air travel remains safe. >> tsa officials are asking customers to be patient and also coerative. tracee wilkins live at reagan international. joe, back tyou. fighter planes intercepted a small plane that flew into restricted airspace. yesterday afternoon, the north american aerospace defense command dispatched two f-16s as precaution. it turns out it was just a student pilot who took off from warrenton. after talking with the student nor add said it appears the student entered the restricted airspace accidentally >> this morning australian airliner qantas wants compensation after an explosion on one of its airliners.
6:36 am
rolls royce made that plane. "the wall street journal" reports that the australian carrier is working with rolls royce. it fished safety checks on airbus a-380s that still have that engine. the airline will put the super jumbo fleet back in service this weekend. after nearly a decade, someone has been found responsible for chandra levy's death. now that man could face 30 years to life in prison when he is sentenced early next year. after three and a half days of deliberations, jurors found ingmar guandique glty of two counts of first degree felony murder. quan dee kay is already serving time in prison for two similar attacks on women in rock creek park. that's where levy's body was founin 2002, one year after she disappeared. >> we were very careful to evaluate all the evidence. and it was a decision based on
6:37 am
the -- on everything that we had. >> and we also went through the law very deliberately to make sure that we were satisfying the requirements that each law had pertaining to this case. >> levy's disappearance made headlines when she was romantically linked with then california congressman gary condit. condit was once a suspect, but police eventually focused on guandique and brought formal charges last year. a judge ruled that a lawsuit of virginia tech can go on. lawyers for the school leaders argued thewere protected by sovereign immunity because they are state employees. the judge rejected that saying their positions did not protect them from personal liability. 32 students and faculty members were killed in the mass shooting in 2007. trial is scheduled to begin in september. coming p, the problems firefighters encotered when
6:38 am
responding to a deadly fire in the district. >> also ahead,ow you can cash in on black friy deals even after the promotion expires. 6:37, 54 degrees. a beautiful sky out there. big changes in the forecast for your holiday. tom and jerry are back with we
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>> still to ce, the big announcement expected from london this morning.
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weather and traffic on this tuesday. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. now 6:41. temperatures under a clea sky, near 50 degrees now. and we'll have it climb into the 60s as clouds increase from the west and a fron moves our way. right now, though, it's beginning to rain in western maryland and parts of western and northern west virginia. looks like a chance of rain here this afternoon. highs then before then should climb into the 60s and plummet into the 30s by dawn tomorrow under a clear sky. clouding up late in the day. but chilly. highs near50. thanksgiving day, cloudy, mid-50s. could get rain after sunset thursday evening into friday. jerry, how is traff now? we continue to follow
6:42 am
breaking news. the accident reporteto you. outer loop, route eight-car accident. initial report from police. all lanes outer loop of the capital near route 4 are now blocked as authorities are just beginning to arrive on the scene to sort this out. again, northbound, outer loop, pennsylvania avenue. all traffic being held up. this eit-car pileup. fire rescue crews on the scene. we will keep you updated othis developing situation. elsewher inner loop of the beltway in virginia, still jammed. had that broken down truck before braddock road. delays at i-95/springfield interchange. metro and vre, okay. marc is having issues this morning. brunswk 892 and 872 delays. and penn 405 delayed up to 15 minutes. joe and eun. >> tha you jerry. >> 6:42.
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everyone loves pancakes, especially free pancakes. a new way to cash in on big black friday deals. >> and firefighters in the district run into a commonoñiñ in just a few minutes we could know the date and the venue of the world wedding.
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6:45 am
what champing at the bit to find the exact place and date for the wedding of prince william and kate middleton. good morning to you. reporter: you think they were guarding a nuclear secret over in england. the announcement was expected before noon today. the daily mail online reports prince william and catherine middleton will wed in the spring of next year, not during the summer. there is a rumor date swirling around, the exact date though not officially announceded. why does the exact date matter? well, there are dozens of people and orgizations who reportedly have a say in when the wedding should took place. the queen, prince charles, all the way to liberal democrats worried about an april event
6:46 am
eclipsing a refer repuican du referendum on the occasion. daily mail photographsed kate mileton leaving westminster abbey. that is the likely wedding site. it is the same site as the funeral of princess diana. much more on the royal wedding details coming up on the "today" show. that's it from the newsroom. now back to you, eun. >> kimberly suiters in the newsroom. kimberly, thanks so much >> a gathering spot for veterans on the national mall is badly damaged after a fire. it started with a propane heater next to a small stand that sits between the lincoln memorial and the vietnam wall. it is staff 24 hours a day and it is a place where veterans trade pins andther memorabilia. it appears that the propane tank overheated, causing it to catch on fire. one person is dead after a massive fire in northwe washington. this happened yesterday afternooin the 3600 block of 16th street near brown street and oak street.
6:47 am
news 4's megan mcgrath is ve at the house right now. fire crews certainly had more to deal with than just the blaze, right, megan? >> they did have a couple issues in fighting this blaze. they had fire hydrant in the area, the closest one didn't work. and a collision between twof the fire trucks. in the past few minutes we had a fire department vehicle arrived saying they have joined police. police have been here all night ng. they're still watching the scene. this is standard procedure that fire marbles still have some investigating to do. they still have to go through some things insidehe house and figure out exactly what caused this blaze. until they finish their work, police will continue to observe the sne. broke o a sixth person described as adult male was unable to get out and he died up on ththird floor of this row home. we're told this home is under
6:48 am
renovation. we're nosure whether that had anything to do with anything. they are still trying to figure out the exact cause. it was quite a fire. they had to shut down 16th street for quite some time as firefighters went and knocked down the blaze. >> i smelled smoke. i looked straight up at the top of the roof, and there were flames shooting straight up top the building. it was terrible. it was out of control. >> now, firefighters did run into a few snags. the closest fire hydran was not working. in fact, when they tried to tap into it, it fell apart. >> megan, thanks very much. a warning to women. a serial rapist may be on the prowl in montgomery county. investigators say three separate sexual assaults happened in aspen hill area. three fferent women reported attacks in june, october, and this past saturday. police got enough information to release thiscomposite sketch after the case. surveillance video may have
6:49 am
captured the attacker nearby. police believe two men were involved in june's attack but the man in the sketch may also be connected. maryland police are asking for your help in identifying the men they believe are behind several burglaries in chevy ase. these pictures were taken from mcdonald's in tenleytown on october 13th. the men used stolen credit cards to buy food there. they were taken from a house shortly before these pictures were taken. police believe the men may be responsible for several other home burglaries in chevy chase over the last month. walmart is offering a new deal for black friday shoppers. courtney reagan joins us live with this story. courtney, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi. good morning to you, joe. walmart will match prices on any rival a i tries to establish its reputation. amazon said they will holiday their own holiday deals. they believe they can meet or beat any competitors oeps price. j. crew may soon be under new
6:50 am
management. the clothing retailer is near deals to be bought by two private firms. $2.8 billion. it cited nervous shoppers and heavy discounting by its rivals. well, netflix is launching a streaming only service for customers who only want to watch online. and they are raising the dvd by mail from $1 to $3. it's just part of a strategy to eventually move away from the dvd by mil business altogether. back to yo >> interesting. changes are coming. thanks very much, courtney. have a great day. well, ihop is marking a mileone by opening its 1500th restaurant. you can benefit from that. the first 1500 customers will get free buttermilk pancakes at this restauranyou see right here. this is a live picture of the new ihop in the d.c.usa in
6:51 am
columbia heights. you can smell them, can't you? pastry chefs will mark the indication by creating d.c. nument replicas. culinary students from the multicultural high school are expect to go get a donation at today's grand opening. now you made me all hungry joe. >> i could use some flapjacks. >> 6:51, tom. >> big changes on the way. beginning latethis afternoon, as a front does move on throh, likely we will see rain moving in. after that temperatures are going to plummet overnight. we have no travel problems weatherwise. live view from sky watcher, city camera overlooking the potomac river. beautiful start to this day. notravel problems. 52 at national airport. south-southwesterly breeze will warm us up quickly. 50s throughout most of the region. a bit milder around the lower part of the eastern shore,
6:52 am
virginia tidewater, western maryland in the 40s. rain beginning to show up. garrett county getting sprinkles. this front is weakening as it moves east. it will brinclouds in by midday and showers likel for students at the bus stop, no travel problems this morning. cool side. low to mid machine 50s the next couple hours. it will shoot into the 60s by noon and early afternoon. a chance of showers moving througthe metro area, mid to te afternoon. before that, though, farther to our west. and after that farther south and east. sunset, 4:49. thenun back tomorrow. 30s in the morning. after highs only in the 40s to near 50 tomorrow. so a big change. increasing clouds late afternoon, tomorrow, into tomorrow night. thanksgiving day, cloudy, highs mid-50s. might get showers after sunset, thursday evening through midday friday. after that, sun returns for the weekend. chilly on saturday. freezing in the morning.
6:53 am
afternoon highs in the 40s. jerry, good morning. how is our taffic now? tom, we continue to follow breaking news. chopper 4 over the scene of what we are told is an eight-car pileup. that ourred just a short time ago on the outer loop of the capital beltway near route 4. for a short timeall lanes on the outer loop were close mtd. a couple tramp lanes are currently getting by. you can see the activity is windg down quickly. however, the right lane is still blocked. as a result outer loop as you come north from route 5, at least route 5 up to the accident scene is at a crawl right n. again, far right side of the roadway that's loaded up. as a result traffic is going to be very, very tough. heads-up if you're headed that direction. i-66 from the west, few more minutes, major sunshine delays. be aware o it. out to the rails we government metro and vre, with no delays.
6:54 am
marc, 872 and 405 and 509 are delayed at the moment. many of you may be sitting inraffic but the district daily rush hour has a new hour, dubious one. a new list out by t d.c. area comes in right at the top at number two. big apple was the only city to beat us out. san francisco followed up d.c. at numbe3, followed by los angeles at number 4. and our neighbors in the city of brotherly love, philadelphia, rounded out the top five. virginia state police out in force. the police agency said 75% of troopers will ben patrol beginning midnight tonight through midnight sunday. they won't be alone. there's a nationwide initiative to reduce traffic deaths by speeding and alcohol over the
6:55 am
weekend. 16 people died in traffic accidents during the thanksgiving holiday week last a new tsa public service announcement is out this morning encouraging passengers to cooperate with new security measures. it comes on the heels of aingto near two-thirds of americans support the usefull body scanners. the corovers continues over enhanced pat-down procedures. half of americans leave the hands-on sens go too far. tracee wilkins joins us live from reagan national airport with more. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. when it comes to patdowns there are a couple ways you can get one, if you trip the metal detector or you refuse a fu body scan. they were also doing random patdow patdowns. they may be mang a slight change in the random patdowns.
6:56 am
it looks like the government will be making a slight change when it comes to some of the security proceres after all the outrage, senior government officials say they are reducing the number of passengers who are randomly selected for a pat-down. this comes as the internet led call to internet the full body scanners. tsa is reminding people after the shoe bomber and underwear bomber they believe the number of terrorists targeting commercial flights is still very real. and the tsa is reminding folks 1 in 100 passengers actually get a pat-down. that's less than 3% of folks who fly. they're asking passengers to cooperate and be patient. i'm tracee wilkins, live at national. eun, back to you in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. 6:56. kimberly suiters has this morning's top stories from the newsroom. kimberly. >> good morning, joe. north korea fing dozens of artillery shells this morning on to a south korean island, killing two marines, injuring soldiers and civilians. north korea threatening more,
6:57 am
quoting percentless retaliatory strikes if the south violates their sea border. the white house ndemns the attack. guilty verdict in the chandra levy trying. after three and a half days of deliberations jurors convicted ingmar guandique of first degree murder. he could face 30 years to life in prison when he is sentence indeed february >> prosecutors in aruba are expected to release the results of a dna test on a jawbone found on the beach. expectations are high that the bone belonged to natalee holloway. if so, it would the first physical proof of her murde finally, sarah palin's book is out today. she launches the 16-stop book tour focusing on the country's heartland. google palin book tour and you're directed to donate to sarah pack fueling speculation of a presidential run in 2012. joe and eun, back to you in the stud studio. >> thanks very much, kimberly. >> we're approaching nrise now.
6:58 am
thanully we have no travel problems weatherwise around our region this morning. many of you may be hitting the roads f the thanksgiving holiday today. and we have a clear start now. temperatures are generally in the low to mid-50s. later today, by noon time, we'll soar into the 60s with increasing clouds from the west. t of the mountains, though, rain moving in. if you're heading west, you'll be driving into rain later this morning and midday. we'll have rainoving into the shenandoah valley and sweeping east into the metro area. it will drop into the 50s after we get passing showers ts afternoon and this evening. farther south and east around the bay and eastern shore, the rain will move through by later in the afternoon. clearing out tonight, col tomorrow morning. into the 30s. sunny on wednesday morning. clouding up late in the afternoon with highs only in the 40s to near 50tomorrow. so a big change coming in. thanksgiving, cloudy with highs in the mid-50s. we may get rain it appears thanksgiving evening, after nset and into friday midday.
6:59 am
and then after that we'll have a dry and chilly weekend. now, jerry, how ishe tuesday traffic? tom, we continue to flow breaking news out of prince george's county. chopper 4 remains over the scene of the accident. this is the outer loop of the capital beltway, near route 4, pennsylvania avenue. all lanes were closed. right now it's the far right lane. that temp rarely blocked off. the outer loop of the beltway comes to a brinding halt at route 5 getting up to the accident scene. inner loop close to braddock road, broken down truck. inner loop delays begin at the i-95 interchange and wear your sunglasses today. joe and eun. >> this is before the holiday rush. >> yes. >> some of the getaways begin today. >> you're right. >> well, that is news 4 today. thank you for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be right back here tomorrow morning. we start at 4:30.


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